Coasters with Print

of an Original Painting By Darlene G.

  • Coffee Table Art!                        4 1/4 x 4  1/4" Handmade Coaster with Print of an Original Painting.  Complete with cork backing to protect your table.                          Coffee Table Coasters, a place to set your Cold and Warm Beverages and Lovely to Look At!  Look great on a Mini-Easel too!                            Check out more  coasters available at Coasters : Beach                        
  • Art for Small Places!             4x4" Framed Prints have a hole in the back for hanging on the wall and also have a magnetized frame.           Ready to hang on the wall, place on the fridge or a file cabinet or place on a mini easel.  You choose.  Great for small places.  Packaged for giving.  Miniature easels available at an additional cost. Visit Mini Prints : Beach and Mini Prints : Trees for available selection.


Sunsets Glow©

. . . It's not the number of fish in the Ocean, the number of Shells in the sand or how many 

Waves crash on the shore.  It's only the quality of each that really matter . . .


Trees, Brown & Yellow©

Trees, Green & Orange©

What I Learned...At the Beach

Trees, Morning Glow©

Birch Trees in the Night©

Trees, Yellow Glow©

Winters Glow on Birch©

Trees, Blue & Whitish©

Trees, White & Red©