What I Saw...At the Beach   online art gallery

~ ~ ~  Lobster Buoys  ~ ~ ~
Colorful floats sitting atop the oceans surface enabling Lobsterman to mark and identify their traps sitting on the bottom of the sea.  These brilliant floating buoys with their colorful schemes, patterns, numbers and letters not only make for a picturesque seascape they also bear the identity of the buoy owner.  Each Lobsterman possesses their own colors and markings making their traps distinguishable from the kaleidoscope of objects meandering atop the sea; the brighter their color, the easier it is for them to find their ownbuoys floating on top of the ocean.

​The Original Lobster Buoy was invented in the early 1800’s. It was hand carved from seasoned cedar wood, lightweight for floatation and easy to form. Lobstermen took pride in their own design and colors and were very creative in making its shape and composition.   In the late 1800’s Glass bottles with rubber stoppers entered the buoy scene and were used for lobstering as well.   After time, wood and glass buoys were replaced with Styrofoam and plastic because of the damage wood and glass did to boat props.  

​All along the coast - in the water, it’s shore and neighboring lands you will findbuoys floating in the sea, hanging on fences, stacked on piers, tied to fences, on and so on…   I love their colors and shapes and am fascinated with their charm.  I take delight in painting and bringing them to life on canvas --- as did the Lobsterman as they designed the color, shape and markings of their very own Lobster Buoy.

At the Beach…you never know what waves will bring to your shore©